❗️BREAKING NEWS: Vybz Kartel breaks out of Prison (FEB 2017) ❗️

Vybz Kartel broke out of Prison. Police say when they catch him. He wouldn’t be the “LAST MAN STANDING”. Reports say he’s wearing “STRAIGHT JEANS & FITTED” with a pair of “CLARKS” and maybe driving a “DUMPA TRUCK”. Upon leaving, he reportedly said he will pay dollas for any female who will help him hide out inna “POOR PEOPLE LAND”, but female must a “FREAKY GAL” with the “BENZ PUNANY”! Family says, last time was seen was in the “SUMMER TIME” and then dissapeared “ALL OF A SUDDEN” . Women beware, because if yuh see the “WORL BOSS” he may try to “BEND YUH BACK” . So if yuh see him don’t overreact, it is best yuh “TURN & WINE” or walk off ina “SLOW MOTION” #GazaNation

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