🀴🏾 Vybz Kartel, Will he meet criteria for conjugal visits? (July 2017)

πŸ‘€ ST ANDREW, Jamaica β€” The Ministry of National Security says the proposed conjugal visits for local inmates will not be a right of every prisoner, but will be part of an incentive system for those who meet the required criteria.

Portfolio Minister Robert Montague made the announcement on Monday during his presentation at the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

The ministry, in a bid to provide more details on the announcement, issued a statement this morning outlining several factors to be considered in allowing conjugal visits.

It said the criteria to be used in crafting the policy to determine if conjugal visits are granted will include, but are not limited to:

– the length of time left on the sentence
– changed behaviour
– deportment of the prisoner
– being in a stable relationship
– type of crime committed

The visits will not take place on cellblocks, the ministry said.

It further explained that the granting of conjugal visits is part of plans to help persons leaving correctional facilities to be reintegrated into society.

β€œThe plan is part of the 5-Pillar Crime Strategy which speaks of rehabilitation and reintegration. It is part of a wider set of reform programmes including Chess in Prison, Sports, WE-Transform as we move to create a safer and gentler society,” Montague said in the release from his ministry.

The minister pointed out that if the outcomes are to be changed, then there must be a change to the strategy. β€œWe cannot continue to do the same things repeatedly and expect a different outcome.”

Meanwhile, the ministry said a number of initiatives and improvements have been undertaken in correctional facilities in an effort to improve prison conditions.

These include:
– Reclassification of all inmates
– Provision of waiting areas for family members visiting prisoners
– Increased searches which have resulted in the seizure of more than $300-thousand dollars and over 100 cellular telephones since May 2017
– Restoration of cell phone jammers
– Increased agriculture production by prisoners using hydroponic system purchased from the College of Agriculture, Science & Education
– Marked improvement in the CXC results of juveniles
Montague also said a Memorandum of Understanding is to be signed with HEART Trust /NTA and the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning which will ensure that all prisoners will leave the institution literate.

He is encouraging Jamaicans to continue the dialogue regarding security issues and to provide suggestions, ideas and criticism via the Ministry’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, or via email, information@mns.gov.jm.

The minister is also calling on Jamaicans to do their part and report crimes using the Stay Alert App, available from the Google and Apple Stores or by providing the information in an envelope, mark an X on it, and drop in any post office box.

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