Daggerin Condoms by Vybz Kartel

“Play safe, ramp ruff till game ova” – Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel was always a man ahead of his times, as an entrepreneur, businessman and artist extraordinaire.

One of his many successful business forays involved the branding and selling of “Daggerin Condoms.”

“My advocacy of safe sex is in keeping with my new stance to do more conscious lyrics that promote the unification of various groups and communities that were previously in conflict, and lyrics that encourage the love and respect of black women,” Kartel said at the time.

Despite the positive nature of promoting safe sex and condoms, once again Vybz Kartel was the subject of victimization from the establishment. The word daggerin – a term born in the ghetto used to describe sex and then later evolved into an explicit dance move where couples replicated rough sex, becomes the center of controversy.
The Jamaica Broadcast Commission banned Vybz Kartel’s mash hit Romping Shop and any song using the word daggerin. This included radio and included TV commercials etc which eventually led to the ban of the sale of Daggerin condoms in Jamaica.
The fight extended beyond Jamaica this time, as the government of Grenada banned Vybz Kartel from performing there as part of the launch of Daggerin Condoms on the island.

Watch the ad, seems like so long ago now, but even back then Vybz Kartel was an innovator.

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