๐Ÿ”ฅ Vybz Kartelโ€™s co-author Michael Dawson challenges the Jamaican justice system

Michael Dawson, the co-author of Vybz Kartelโ€™s book, Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto has spoken out in the wake of the โ€œnot guiltyโ€ verdict in the high profile X6 driver case.

In a statement sent to Music News, Mr. Dawson said โ€œVybz Kartel must be justly granted his freedom if we are going to convince the people of Jamaica that there are the same set of rules for the sons of poor people and the sons of rich people.โ€

Michael Dawson further stated that โ€œThis has to be done either by the DPPโ€™s office in the name of equal rights and justice, initiating the process to have his conviction overturned, or not oppose his Appeal. Justice must be equitable if our nation is to move forward. Sam Sharpe and Paul Bogle did not die so a rich person has a better chance at justice than a poor person; that should have ended in the 1800s, this generation in 2016 must believe that they will be treated fairly under the law, if they are going to respect the law.โ€

On Monday, businessman Patrick Powell was acquitted of murder and shooting with intent charges of 17-year-old Kingston College student Khajeel Mais in the Home Circuit Court after the case against him crumbled.

The verdict has angered some social media users who have been making a comparison with Vybz Kartelโ€™s 2011 murder trial.

One user claimed that the justice system is flawed. While another stated that some of the evidence brought against Vybz Kartel was tampered with so why isnโ€™t he free.

In addition, several members of the entertainment fraternity including producer Skatta Burrel are calling for the release of Vybz Kartel in opposition of the not guilty verdict.

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